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Houston Refinery Accident Attorneys

Texas is synonymous with the oil industry. The oil industry in Texas is one of the largest employers in the state. While oil refineries are a crucial industry in Texas, it is also a dangerous business. Refinery accidents can result in hundreds of injuries and deaths in a single accident. However, individual injuries from refinery accidents are more common, even though they do not receive the same news coverage as large-scale refinery accidents.

The Houston refinery accident lawyers of The Alfred Firm handle all types of refinery accident claims. Contact our law firm today at (713) 470-9714 to schedule your free consultation with an experienced refinery accident lawyer in Houston.

Why Do Refinery Accidents Happen?

One of the first steps our legal team takes is to investigate the cause of the refinery accident. We need to identify the factors that led to the accident to prove fault and liability. Because of our extensive experience handling refinery accident claims in Houston, we have the skills and resources necessary to handle these complicated injury investigations.

Factors that contribute to the cause of a refinery accident in Texas include, but not limited to:

  • Improper and inadequate inspections and maintenance of facilities, machinery, and tools;
  • Failure to follow state and federal regulations and guidelines, including OSHA safety regulations;
  • Improper storage of materials that lead to fires and explosions;
  • Inadequate or defective safety equipment and personal protective equipment;
  • Defective equipment and machinery;
  • Inadequate training and lack of proper supervision;
  • Negligent hiring procedures and policies;
  • Exposure to toxic and hazardous materials and substances;
  • Electrocutions and electrical accidents;
  • Explosions that cause fires;
  • Falls from scaffolding and high places; and,
  • Crushing injuries from equipment and caught-in-between accidents.

If you are injured in a refinery accident, report the accident to your supervisor immediately, and seek medical treatment. Documenting the accident and your injuries is crucial for recovering compensation for your injuries and damages.

Refinery Accidents in Texas Cause Serious Injuries

Workers who are injured in refinery accidents often sustain traumatic injuries, including brain injuries, paralysis, loss of limb, burns, scarring, and vision loss. Workers’ compensation provides meager benefits for injured refinery workers. Workers’ compensation does not cover a workers’ pain and suffering, nor does it compensate the worker fully for all loss of income and benefits.

However, depending on the circumstances of the accident, you may be entitled to additional compensation from third parties. Our Houston refinery accident lawyers investigate the accident to determine all sources of compensation that might be available. As strong advocates for refinery workers, we exhaust all avenues of compensation to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of money for your refinery accident claim.

Hire an Experienced Refinery Accident Attorney

You do not want to take on the oil industry alone. Plant operators and owners go to great lengths to hide their failure to follow regulations and safety procedures. They do not want their negligence, recklessness, and wrongdoing exposed to the public.

Therefore, exposing them for their liability for your injury could be a difficult battle. You may be up against a corporation and an insurance provider with unlimited resources to fight your claim. Fighting the battle alone is not in your best interest.

You need a Houston refinery accident law firm that has the resources for a sustained battle. You need a refinery accident lawyer who has substantial experience handling refinery injury claims. The law firm you choose needs to have access to industry experts that can assist in the investigation. The Alfred Firm has all these qualities and many more.

Our lawyers possess the skills and knowledge needed to handle a refinery accident claim. However, they also have the passion, dedication, and compassion that you want in an attorney as you fight for a fair settlement for your refinery injury claim.

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