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Port Arthur TPC Explosion Attorneys

The TPC chemical plant explosion in November 2019 could be felt for miles. The explosions caused fires to burn uncontrolled while dangerous and toxic chemicals were released into the air for almost a week, including a known carcinogen. Residents were told to evacuate up to four miles from the initial explosion. The aftermath of the TPC explosion has been devastating for residents and businesses throughout the area.

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Our Port Arthur TPC explosion lawyers are assisting victims in seeking compensation for their damages and losses. We are here for you in your time of need. Call today if you were injured or sustained losses because of the TPC explosion.

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TPC Explosion Claims Handled On a Contingency Fee Basis

Our law firm is accepting TPC explosion claims on a contingency fee basis. We are not charging clients up front attorneys’ fees. Our law firm is paid when we recover compensation for your claim.

Damages Resulting from the TPC Explosion

Industrial explosions can cause numerous damages for employees, residents, and businesses surrounding the plant. Your claim against TPC for damages may include one or more of the following:

  • Property Damage

The TPC explosions damaged businesses and homes surrounding the plant. Windows and doors were blown out, debris flew through the air, homes sustained structural damage, and personal property was damaged or destroyed. The long-term effects of the explosion may not be known for some time. Homes that were damaged could develop additional damage from water leaks and mold.

Our attorneys have a network of experts who can evaluate the damage to your property. They prepare a detailed report assessing the cost of repair or replacement of property damaged or destroyed by the explosion.

  • Personal Injuries

Some individuals sustained immediate personal injuries from the TPC explosion. They may have been injured because of flying debris or roofs collapsing from the explosion. Other individuals may develop illnesses from the smoke and toxic chemicals that were released into the air after the explosion and during the uncontrolled fires.

If you experience any unexplained symptoms, such as coughing, headaches, sore throat, fatigue, or other symptoms, seek medical assistance immediately. A doctor can evaluate your symptoms to determine if the TPC explosion is the cause of your illness or condition.

  • Financial Losses

Many victims of the TPC explosion lost time from work and had significant expenses during the evacuation. Some homeowners had to relocate because their homes were not livable. A claim against TPC includes financial damages such as lost wages, evacuation expenses, and relocation costs.

  • Business Losses

Businesses surrounding the plant have experienced an interruption in business that has led to lost revenues, in addition to the property damage caused by the initial explosion. These companies may be entitled to compensation for property damage, but also compensation for the lost revenues and profits. Some companies may not be able to recover from the devastation caused by the TPC explosion.

How Can Our Port Arthur TPC Explosion Attorneys Help?

Navigating the claims process after an industrial explosion can be challenging. There are steps that victims must take to protect their legal rights. It can be difficult to know what you should do after an industrial explosion, especially when you are dealing with the devastation, pain, and suffering caused by the incident.

Our Port Arthur industrial explosion lawyers have extensive experience investigating and handling industrial accidents, explosions, and fires. We use our considerable skills, knowledge, and resources to investigate the cause of the explosion to gather evidence proving fault and liability.

TPC, as other companies have done in the past, has promised victims that they would be compensated for the damage and losses caused by the explosion and fires. However, the company failed to uphold its promises.

Don’t trust a company that does not care about the damage its negligence caused. Put your trust in the lawyers of The Alfred Firm. Our legal team is passionate about fighting for justice for victims of industrial explosions. We are dedicated to protecting your legal rights by ensuring that every potential legal avenue to obtain compensation for your damages is explored thoroughly.

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Contact our lawyers to discuss your claim against TPC. Our attorneys answer your questions and explain your legal rights. The lawyers of The Alfred Firm are passionate about fighting for the rights of individuals injured in industrial explosions.

We believe that companies, owners, and operators of industrial plants must be held accountable and liable when their negligence, carelessness, or other wrongdoing causes injury and damage to innocent victims.

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