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Houston Maritime Injury Lawyers

Texas is home to a vast maritime industry. Port Houston and the Houston Ship Channel employ millions of workers. Unfortunately, working on a vessel, in a shipyard, or the open sea can be dangerous. Maritime accidents cause catastrophic injuries that change a person’s life forever.

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What is a Maritime Injury?

A maritime injury involves any injury incurred while working near or on navigable bodies of water, including oceans, lakes, rivers, and seas. Texas has a great deal of industry centered around navigable bodies of water, such as working on cargo ships, docks, oil platforms, sea terminals, sea-faring vessels, and river boats.

Types of maritime injury claims our Houston maritime lawyers handle include, but are not limited to:

  • Oil Rig Accidents
  • Barge Accidents
  • Drillship Accidents
  • Offshore Accidents
  • Cruise Ship Accidents
  • Oil Tanker Ship Accidents
  • Shrimp Boat Accidents
  • Riverboat Accidents
  • Tugboat Accidents
  • Commercial Fishing Accidents
  • Cargo Ship Accidents
  • Shipyard Accidents

There are thousands of companies that operate along and in the Gulf of Mexico, the Texas shoreline, or along the many rivers that flow through Texas. Unfortunately, working in any maritime industry places you at a high risk of injury or death because of the danger associated with these jobs.

Fighting for Injured Maritime Workers Throughout Texas

Our Houston maritime accident lawyers represent a variety of maritime workers injured on the job, including oil workers, seamen, and dock workers. We also represent other individuals who work within the industry, including engineers, platform workers, welders, crew members, harbor workers, ship repairers, and all other individuals injured aboard vessels at sea or other bodies of water.

Seeking compensation for maritime injuries is not like other workers’ compensation claims or personal injury cases. Maritime injuries involve complicated federal laws and state regulations that govern accidents aboard ships, boats, and platforms.

The Houston maritime accident lawyers of The Alfred Firm have significant experience handling cases involving maritime injuries. We have extensive knowledge of the laws that govern these types of injury claims, including:

If you were injured in a maritime accident, we can help. Call our office now to speak with a maritime injury attorney in Houston. You are going to need a lawyer with experience handling maritime laws to help you recover the compensation you deserve after being injured at a port, working on a vessel, or working on an oil platform.

What Damages Are Available for Maritime Accidents?

After a serious maritime accident, a seaman or other individual may be entitled to compensation for a variety of damages and losses. Many workers injured in maritime accidents face lifelong consequences and complications because of their injuries.

Our Houston maritime accident lawyers help injured victims recover compensation for past and future damages including, but not limited to:

  • Hospitalizations and Surgeries
  • Cost of Physicians, Therapists, and Other Health Care Providers
  • Personal Care and Aid
  • Long-Term Rehabilitation and Therapy
  • Counseling and Mental Health Services
  • Loss of Income and Benefits
  • Reduction in Earning Capacity
  • In-Home Health Care
  • Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Emotional and Mental Distress
  • Physical Pain and Suffering
  • Disabilities and Permanent Impairments
  • Scarring and Disfigurement

Our attorneys work with medical experts and financial professionals to ensure that we maximize the value of all damages sustained in a maritime accident.

Common Injuries Caused by Maritime Accidents

The injuries sustained in maritime accidents can be catastrophic and life-threatening. The machinery used on platforms, docks, and shipyards can be dangerous. The conditions in which individuals work can also be hazardous and dangerous.

Common injuries that occur on offshore rigs, in shipyards, or on vessels include but are not limited to:

  • Head and Brain Injuries
  • Extremity Injuries
  • Neck and Back Injuries
  • Amputations and Extremity Injuries
  • Repetitive Motion Injuries
  • Fire and Chemical Burns
  • Loss of Vision and Hearing
  • Near Drowning and Oxygen Deprivation
  • Crushing Injuries or Caught-Between Injuries
  • Electrical Injuries and Electrocutions
  • Broken Bones and Fractures
  • Exposure to Toxic Chemicals
  • Dislocations and Joint Injuries
  • Spinal Cord Injuries and Paralysis
  • Wrongful Death

Regardless of the severity of your injury, immediate medical care is crucial. You need to document your injuries to support an injury claim. Delays in medical treatment can hurt your case, as well as jeopardize your health.

Why Do You Need a Houston Maritime Accident Attorney?

To protect your legal rights and to recover the compensation you are entitled to receive for your injuries and damages.

Maritime law is complicated. If you intend to fight for fair compensation for your injuries and damages, you will be going up against a team of defense attorneys and insurance representatives that understand these laws. They have unlimited resources to fight your claim.

Therefore, you need to even the playing field. You need a legal team on your side who has extensive experiencing handling these types of cases. A legal team that also has resources, skills, and a thorough understanding of all maritime laws applicable in your case.

The insurance company and your employer have one common goal — to avoid liability for your damages. They want to pay as little as possible to settle your claim. You cannot rely on your employer to stand up for you when you are injured. Even an ethical employer may not have control over the outcome of your case. Insurance adjusters and attorneys handle your claim. They are not looking out for your best interests.

For all the above reasons, you need a law firm that regularly handles maritime accident claims to protect you. The Alfred Firm is the law firm for you. When we accept a case, we begin by:

  • Investigating the circumstances surrounding the accident and your injury;
  • Identify the various laws applicable to your case;
  • Calculating the deadline for filing various claims and actions;
  • Searching for instances of negligence and gross negligence;
  • Investigating claims of a failure to abide by industry regulations or government requirements;
  • Searching for problems with equipment, including defective equipment;
  • Verifying that safety procedures were in place and being followed;
  • Investigating training and supervision policies; and,
  • Investigating claims of failing to provide a safe work environment.

Our Houston maritime accident lawyers investigate the accident from every possible angle to identify all instances of wrongdoing and negligence. We identify the responsible parties and insurance coverage to maximize the chance of maximizing compensation.

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Handling a maritime injury claim alone can be overwhelming. There is no need for you to try to do this on your own. Our law firm accepts maritime accident cases on a contingency fee. You do not pay our attorneys’ fees unless we recover money for your claim.

At The Alfred Firm, we have seen how maritime workers are treated. We know that injured workers are often treated unfairly by insurance companies and their employers. We are passionate about seeking justice for our clients. Our clients have been injured, sustained significant financial loss, and endured unimaginable pain and suffering. We use our considerable experience to protect our clients’ best interests. Let us help you too.

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